Traders Resource Centre exists for the sole purpose of improving your Forex Trading so that you can be profitable.

One of Our Resources is a Weekly Trading Tutorial Video where a different aspect of trading is explored each week. You can have FREE ACCESS to these every week – simply “Register Here” and we’ll send you the Video Tutorial every week. Here’s just one example of what you’ll get…..

Here’s How We HELP YOU.

    • Daily Video Tutorials. both at the start of the day and an Evening Round-up. We explain what the market was doing, how you could have traded as well as explaining the “tools” we used
    • Weekly In-Depth Videos we we’ll explain one of the “tools” in precise detail so that you can apply it to your own trading
    • Trade Copier – for anyone with an account below $3000 you can copy our trades
    • We’ll Give you both a Free Basics of Trading Course (8 Videos) AND our proprietary System17 Trading System that has been developed over 7 years of trading Forex and is the basis of the trading we do for Clients Managed Accounts
    • Monthly LIVE WEBINARS – where you can ask any questions, get immediate answers, and LEARN… (these are of course recorded also)
    • Instant Skype Access 8 hours a day to Matt Sharp – our principle trader – to ask any questions you have be they general or “should I take this trade!”
    • Access, week on week, to the entire “How To Day Trade Forex” course comprising 28 Videos covering EVERY possible aspect of trading Forex

You may have already spent a small fortune on courses, seminars, webinars and systems – most aspiring traders have. But what we offer is low cost, but enormous value as learning to trade is not a one-off exercise but requires on-going teaching and practice to become successful. That is exactly what we offer for LESS THAN A CUP OF COFFEE A DAY!

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