Whenever someone starts to think about trading Forex at some point they need to consider who they are going to trade with - they need an Online Forex Broker.

You only have to look at some Forex Forums to see the vast number of negative comments about brokers so choosing the right one for you has an important role in your future success in trading forex.

So what should you look for in a broker prior to opening your account with them?

What's most important, spread, execution speed, support, range of markets.....  there are so many factors that it can be a bewildering choice to make and explains why so many get it wrong and complain afterwards.

I have recently dedicated one of my other websites to just looking at brokers so that the question "which is the best forex broker" can be fully investigated and answered. Do take a look for some useful information.

I have been trading Forex since 2005 and have in that time used many, many brokers. Initially it was with more traditional brokers whom I had used to trade commodities previously, such as EDF Mann and Tradestation. With the advent of Metatrader4 and the ensuing proliferation of online brokers offering Metatrader4 for free I started to use that type of broker in 2006 and have done so ever since.

To cut to the chase....

My recommendation is for Alpari as they offer such a good level of service across the board, their spreads are quite good, their execution speed is good, they have very few data problems, they are FSA regulated, they are available in UK for Spread betting, they have a US branch.... and so on.

Recently I became an "Introducing Broker" for them (which simply really means I recommend them publicly ) and anyone currently with Alpari UK can "associate" their account with me which will enable me to offer support to you from a traders perspective rather than from the brokers side of the fence. eg. if you're unhappy with their help on a particular aspect you can ask me and I will give you my take on the situation and maybe even be able to exert some influence with Alpari.

Also there will be some dedicated education, webinars etc JUST for traders who have associated their accounts to me - doing this IN NO WAY AFFECTS YOUR ACCOUNT

If you do not yet have an ALPARI-UK account and plan to open one if you use this link to do so then your account will automatically have this association so you can benefit from this additional level of service

If you DO ALREADY HAVE AN ALPARI-UK ACCOUNT then please send an email to partnerships@alpari.co.uk stating that you wish to link your account to my Introducing brokers account number (757482). Just Copy and paste the following to them:-

Regarding My Account <enter your Alpari Acct no>
Would you please link the above account to IB Account Number 757482.
Please confirm when this has been actioned.

Many Thanks

<Your Full Name>


  • gdwood510

    September 6, 2012

    Matt, I am planning to open an account for a family member who resides in the Philippines. I would like to avoid the loss from what I expect to be a continuing decline in the USD. Does Alpari have an option to maintain an account in other than USD? If not, do you know of any good Broker that does?


    • Matt

      September 7, 2012

      Hi Greg, As far as I’m aware you can open an account in almost any currency. Certainly I can open an account in USD, Euro, or GBP. If you email Leila at Alpari UK who is my contact maybe she can advise – her email is LChami@alpari.co.uk

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